Warp’s Edge: Anomaly

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Far from home. Deep in hostile territory. Your starfighter’s overclocked warp drive is now creating anomalies, little tears in the fabric of spacetime that alter situations and require you to adapt on the fly. Can you use these anomalies to your advantage? Trust your instincts. The citizens of the Outer Rim are counting on you.

Warp’s Edge Anomaly (designed by Scott Almes) is an expansion for WARP’S EDGE, a solo bag-building game of space combat. New starfighters, motherships, and skills add to the options alongside the anomalies, an all-new token type.


Game Details
NameWarp's Edge: Anomaly (2022)
ComplexityMedium [2.57]
BGG RankNot Ranked [7.73]
Player Count1



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