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In Wormholes (designed by Peter McPherson), you connect the galaxy one wormhole at a time and keep your passengers moving!

In a peaceful galaxy, a new technology has been invented: wormholes. They allow ships to warp from one point to another, which opens up countless possibilities for commerce and travel. As the captain of a passenger spaceship newly equipped with a wormhole fabricator, you can make some serious space bucks by building a robust network of wormholes. Link the farthest reaches of space while delivering passengers to become the most successful captain in this golden age of spacefaring. It’s time to bend space and go fast.

In Wormholes, players collect passengers from planets, each of whom have specific destinations they aim to reach. However, this pick-up-and-deliver process can be quite different once you establish wormholes between different points of the galaxy — and like any good business, your service can be used by other players…at the cost of a few points.

Game Details
NameWormholes (2022)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.16]
BGG Rank3066 [7.08]
Player Count (Recommended)1-5 (2-5)


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