Xia: Missions and Powers

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Xia Legends of a Drift System Expansion

Xia: Missions and Powers includes 54 cards:

  • 21 new ship powers, one for each existing player ship, offering players a choice each time they acquire a ship. The new powers are balanced with the existing powers, but offer greater reliability and can be used multiple times per turn.
  • 32 new missions, with 8 missions of 4 new types: Transport, Assist, Counterfeit, and BOOM! These missions can be started more easily than most other existing missions, since they require only a sector type (e.g. Ice Asteroid) instead of a specific sector. Furthermore, these missions end at players, making them more interactive and easier to complete in the early game, when missions are often difficult.

There is also one rules/credits card that is included.

Overall, this mini-expansion offers Xia players many new permutations for ship powers, and more interactive missions.



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