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I’ve played the new children’s game Quacks & Co (based on The Quacks Of Quedlinburg from Wolfgang Warsch) yesterday for the first time with my family. It is a racing game with four different animals trying to reach the market in Quedlinburg first.

Where is the connection to Quacks besides the city of Quedlinburg? The game is a bag builder: on your turn, you draw one token out of your bag. Is it a fruit or vegetable, you move a number of steps along the road and get the matching special action of your token (roll a dice for your reward, take a ruby, put a token back in your bag and more). But if it is a dream herb, you skip your turn instead. Once you have three dream herb tokens on your animal sheet, you can use the rubies you have collected to buy more powerful tokens for your bag to move faster along the road. The first animal reaching the market square at the end of the road wins the game.

These are the basic rules. Like with all Wolfang Warsch games so far, there is a lot more variety thanks to more fruit and vegetables you can add to the game, different boards for the special actions of the tokens and other smaller additions to the basic rules that keep the game interesting.

All in all certainly no brain burner for the experienced gamer, but it’s a fun game to play with children or the whole family. And a good way to introduce them to the bag building mechanic.

At the moment we only have the German edition in stock. But as you can see in the photos, there is no text on the components. The English rules are available here to have a closer look at the game.