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Unboxing: Blätterrauschen

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Blätterrauschen is the new board game from Paolo Mori and Kosmos. It is a roll-and-write game with very atmospheric artwork.

Blätterrauschen cover

Blätterrauschen (“Rustling Leaves”) is a roll-and-write game, and for every season — spring, summer, autumn, and winter — there is a themed game sheet with different rules. The numbers on the dice reveal the side lengths of the area marked on the game sheet. In this area, a forest symbol is selected that is included in the scoring. Whoever collects the most points wins.

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The game, like many of the new releases from Kosmos, is at the moment only available in a Germany edition. But there is an English rules translation available on BGG and I made a short video to show you the components and how the game plays: