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Board Games coming in December

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You might have noticed that there have been a lot of delayed board games this year and there still are many games in the pipeline that were expected to arrive before Christmas. Unfortunately, blocked ports in the UK (see stories here and here) and reduced shipping capacity means that the situation in the last two weeks before Christmas won’t get any better.

I’ve talk about this in our weekly Youtube show:

In addition to the games I mention in the video, I have received a few more updates, so I can (more or less) confirm the December dates for the following board games:

Aliens Another Glorious Day in the Corps board game cover
Renature Board Game

Every other game/expansion that was announced with a December release date will get moved back to January until I get confirmation this or next week that a delivery is arriving before Christmas.

I’m very sorry about this: Christmas is always a difficult time in regards to release dates, but I’ve never seen anything like this year. But it fits the rest of the year and we can only hope that next year will be better in lots of ways.