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Carcassonne Anniversary and a Big Box

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After the arrival of LLamaland and Sonic: The Card Game earlier in the week, today we received more new games.

Terraforming Mars Big Box cover artwork

Available earlier than expected we have the Terraforming Mars Big Box and the 3D Tiles Box in stock. Both offer beautiful 3D Tiles to upgrade your copy of Terraforming Mars, while the Big Box can also store the base game and all expansions.

Carcassonne 20th Anniversary Edition cover

We also managed to get a few copies of the Carcassonne Anniversary Edition from Germany. These are the German editions with German rules, but the components are without text, so all needed are the English rules available on Boardgamegeek.

These two are the big titles, also available from today are:

Crimes and Capers: High School Hijinks cover