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We offer a new service at the shop: 3D Printing. We have set up and successfully tested a couple of 3D Printers at the shop.

We have two kinds of printers: FDM printers for larger items like board game inserts and terrain pieces for tabletop games. And Resin printers for high-quality miniatures and smaller items like tokens or coins.

If you haven’t heard about 3D Printing for board- or card games yet, there are some fantastic websites out there that offer all sorts of inserts, trays, organisers and cardholders for download (most of them for free).

Here are some to give you an idea of what is possible:

  • 3D Prints for Board Games – an extensive Geeklist on BGG listing available files for all sorts of games
  • BGG 3D Prints – type in your username on BGG and this tool will show you a list of free STL files for the games in your collection
  • Printables – a 3D model database not just for board game-related items
  • Thingiverse – the largest 3D model database for free STL files with an extensive collection of files for board games.
  • – a search engine for STL files on 30+ websites. Has a filter for free and paid-for STL files.

If you find a 3D file you would like to get printed, you can use the form below to send us the link to the file(s) and request a quote from us. We will take a closer look at the file(s) and get back to you within 24 hours. The quote will include the costs for the print and some basic post-processing (sanding of rough edges and removal of supports etc.). We will also give the printing time so you know when to expect the finished item. Because the 3D printed objects are generally fairly light, we ship everything with Royal Mail Track 48 (£3.95 per parcel) or when it is urgent with Royal Mail 24 (£4.50 per parcel).

What to expect:

For board game inserts and organisers, it is quite hard to give you a general price because it all depends on the size and volume of each piece. Please send us the file(s) and we can quickly give you a quote for exactly the files you want to get printed.

It is easier for resin minis because most of them are roughly the same size:


28mm: £2 per mini

32mm: £3 per mini

75mm: £8 per mini

These estimates are for pre-supported minis in one part (or with a separate base). Multi-part minis and minis for which we need to generate the print supports first, will cost a bit more.

To send us the file(s) for quotation, please use the form below to send us the link to the file(s). This can either be the link to the website where you have the file(s) from or a link from your Google Drive or OneDrive folder. Another very good free service to send files we can recommend is you upload the file(s) for free and get a link to share it with us once that’s done.

DISCLAIMER: All files sent to us for a price request will get deleted after 7 days or when the print has finished. We don’t use the files for anything else besides giving you a quote and the print the files for you.

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