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Carcassonne Anniversary and a Big Box

After the arrival of LLamaland and Sonic: The Card Game earlier in the week, today we received more new games. Available earlier than expected we have the Terraforming Mars Big Box and the 3D Tiles Box in stock. Both offer beautiful 3D Tiles to upgrade your copy of Terraforming Mars,…
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New Pre-orders you might have missed

We are getting closer to the business end of the board game year and the pre-orders for the new releases are coming in. A lot slower than in the last few years, but there are still some very good board games getting announced. Here are a few we added in…
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Lost Ruins of Arnak wins Deutschen Spielepreis

There are two big awards for board games in Germany: the Spiel des Jahres, awarded by a jury (a bit like the Oscars for movies) and the Deutscher Spielepreis, organised by Friedrich Merz Verlag (organisers of the Essen convention) and voted on by the public. MicroMacro has won the Spiel…
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Blitzkrieg! and Caesar! review from SU&SD

Last week, Shut Up & Sit Down posted a glowing double review of Blitzkrieg! and the upcoming Caesar!. Both board games are designed by Paolo Mori and smaller two-player games. But SU&SD are much better at explaining what these two games are all about: Blitzkrieg! is back in stock…
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Nine new board games & expansions on the way

After weeks of complaining that not enough new releases are arriving, I can't complain about next week. A total of ten new board games and expansions have been confirmed so far. Without further ado, here are the nine: Most of these will arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday. Only the Nebula…
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