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Meeples' Corner

Equinox from Knizia announced by Plan B Games

Plan B Games has announced a new game designed by Reiner Knizia: the Equinox board game is based on an older game from FFG called Colossal Arena. In the Equinox board game, mysterious creatures gather in the forest in an effort to write themselves into the legendary storybook and for tales to…
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Delayed Board Games – why is it happening?

Beginning back in October/November last year, there was a sudden spike of delayed board game releases. Lots of suppliers and distributors were telling me that they don't expect games originally planned for a release before Christmas to become available before February/March 2021. The reason for this: clogged up ports and…
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Hansa Teutonica Big Box has arrived

After some Covid-related delays, UPS finally knocked at our door yesterday and delivered five cases of the Hansa Teutonica Big Box. The game box in all it's beauty... The multi-award-winning Hansa Teutonica board game is back in a Hansa Teutonica Big Box edition including the base game and all expansions. In the…
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CloudAge Review

The CloudAge board game is the newest game from Alexander Pfister and has been released shortly before Christmas. Our local game group member Mark didn't know too much about the game, but he is a big fan of other Alexander Pfister games like Blackout: Hong Kong and Maracaibo. So he…
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Merry Christmas

Today was the last open day at Meeples' Corner HQ. All the parcels have been packed, last-minute presents have been bought. We will take a break until Monday, 4th January and will be back for you full of energy with lots of board games. We wish you all a Merry…
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More Board Games confirmed to arrive before Christmas

Following up on my blog post from Monday, I have another update regarding a few more games that have been confirmed to arrive before Christmas. Shipped to us from European suppliers and expected to arrive within the next seven days are: Vampire: The Masquerade - Heritage (KS Edition with Coins)High…
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