1941: Race to Moscow

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A prequel to 1944: Race to the Rhine, 1941 Race to Moscow (designed by Waldek Gumienny) is a game of logistical resourcefulness as well as relentless competitiveness. You assume roles of quartermasters bound to enable your armies to advance eastward and reach their destination points before armies of your opponents do. The road to Moscow is not paved with roses, though. Mud – a sticky hell which brings your tank charge to a halt, enemy forces whose defeat will cost you not only the last bullet left in your clip but also the last droplet of fuel left in your gas tank, tactical dilemmas and meticulous calculations of how to reroute the completely stuck railroads – all of this and much more awaits you on the plains and steppes of western Russia. Not to mention the unmistakable feeling of your nails bitten to the quick when your troops are just a hop, skip, and a jump from their destination and all of a sudden they run out of ammo…

Experience tough tactical decisions in 1941 Race to Moscow and take part in the most challenging race of logistics. Do not linger any more: equip your troops wisely, pave ways for the most efficient supply chains, and prevent your armies from running on empty. Have a blitz on Moscow and have a blast by the hottest game of logistics ever!

Game Details
Name1941: Race to Moscow (2022)
ComplexityMedium [3.09]
BGG Rank6521 [7.09]
Player Count1-4



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