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Welcome to the island kingdom of Aeolos! The ruler of the winds has invited you to compete with other sailors. Whoever receives the most recognition in Olympus will be accepted as a favorite in the league of the gods. But remember: when sailing, you are dependent on the capricious winds of the mighty Aeolos. Like the legendary Odysseus, make sure that your windbag is always well filled.

In Aeolos (designed by Guido EckhofArve D. Fühler) you build settlements to win acclaim on Mount Olympus. In seven harbours you shall establish settlements, build ships and collect sacred crystals. Sail your ships upstream to the temples of the winds to offer sacrifices. Or send your prophet on a journey across the sacred mountain to invoke Olympus and tell of your great deeds. By cleverly combining sailing cards, your ships will set out on their journey. On the way, your windbag fills up. Use it wisely and keep an eye on the other sailors – because on the islands of the winds you are constantly fighting against time.

Game Details
NameAEOLOS (2022)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.11]
BGG Rank8804 [7.24]
Player Count2-4


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