Amalfi: Renaissance

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In Amalfi Renaissance (designed by Takeo Yamada), players take on the role of merchants in the Italian port town of Amalfi during the Renaissance period. The town was a dominant maritime power during the previous century, but its importance has diminished. The merchants of Amalfi are eager to recapture their previous success and revive the abandoned port town, but they have only four ships.

In this game, players’ ships are used to navigate, but also to store their resources. With their resources, they will be able to:

Discover charts and thus get better destinations for their actions.
Acquire paints, books, and historical monuments to earn honor and bonuses.
Invite renowned historical figures to support their strategy.
Construct new ships to have more workers and take more actions.
The game ends after four rounds, and the player with the most points wins.

Amalfi Renaissance includes new mechanisms (you can now build lighthouses on the map); new characters including new illustrations with si new asymmetrical decks; and rebalanced artworks, charts, decrees, and titles to offer more choices and more replayability, all in a new box with a double-layered main board and individual player boards.

Game Details
NameAmalfi: Renaissance (2023)
ComplexityMedium [3.27]
BGG Rank3846 [7.78]
Player Count1-4



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