Azul: Crystal Mosaic

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Azul: Crystal Mosaic contains double-sided player boards, with each board offering new challenges and exciting new strategic opportunities.

The “Crystal Mosaic” of the title is actually a plastic overlay that provides a recess to keep tiles from being accidentally bumped out of place. Four overlays are included in this expansion.

Important: This is an expansion, you need the base game to play it.

Suggested Ages: 8 and up

Language(s): English

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1 review for Azul: Crystal Mosaic

  1. Geoff Byers

    An excellent expansion to refresh Azul. The overlays are good, and hold the tiles securely, and the scoring cubes somewhat less securely, but the new boards go quite a way to injecting some new life into the game without adding any real rules burden. Minimal cost for a nice bit of variety.

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