Be Like a Crow: A Solo RPG

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Be Like a Crow: Soar into Adventure as a Corvidae

Be Like a Crow invites you to spread your wings and take flight as a corvidae—whether you’re a cunning crow, a curious magpie, a mysterious jackdaw, or a resilient rook. This solo RPG lets you explore diverse landscapes, achieve objectives, and grow as you learn. Immerse yourself in a world where the skies are your playground, and every caw echoes with possibility.

Key Features

  • Avian Adventure: Assume the role of a black-plumed bird and embark on an avian journey. Soar over varied terrains, from lush forests to desolate moors, and uncover hidden secrets.
  • Genre-Hopping: Be Like a Crow seamlessly blends genres. Whether you crave cosmic horror, Wild West showdowns, or otherworldly mysteries, this game adapts to your whims.
  • Personal Growth: As you complete objectives, your corvidae character evolves. Learn, adapt, and age gracefully as you explore the skies.
  • Solo Play: No need to coordinate schedules or gather a party. Dive into this solo RPG whenever inspiration strikes.

Be Like a Crow is a journaling game created by Tim Roberts, where you take to the skies as a corvidae. Artwork by Silvia De Stefanis.

UKGE Award Winner: Voted Best Role-Playing Game in 2023.


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