Bier Pioniere (German Edition)

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The history of beer brewing dates back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and over the centuries, various cultures and regions have developed their own unique beers, and especially Germany is considered a “beer country”.

In the game Bier Pioniere aka Beer Pioneers (designed by Thomas Spitzer), set at the beginning of industrialization around 1850, 2 to 4 players develop their own small home brewery into a large-scale brewery as brewmasters. In each turn, they take an action by deploying one of their workers or their truck to brew an increasing variety of beers, improving the brewing process with new advancements like refrigeration machines or beer filters, or increasing the efficiency of their workers, to name but a few. Action cards also play an important role, and with beer deliveries and other actions, they can earn victory points. Actions take place on the game board and their own player tableau, the player order is important and influenced by the players, bonus workers enable additional actions but must first be earned by placing the right worker on the right action space.

Beer Pioneers extends over an indefinite number of rounds. Once a player reaches 20 victory points, this is the final round, and the brewmaster with the most victory points is the winner of the game.

IMPORTANT: This is the German edition, but the game is language-independent and the official English rules are available to download on Boardgamegeek.

Game Details
NameBier Pioniere (2023)
ComplexityMedium [3.35]
BGG Rank5866 [7.77]
Player Count2-4


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