Blueprints of Mad King Ludwig

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Test your architectural skills in Blueprints of Mad King Ludwig (designed by Ted Alspach), a flip-and-sketch strategy game to draw the most extravagant blueprints for King Ludwig’s next castle!

Select rooms to add to your castle’s floor plan. As you complete rooms’ entrances by connecting them to other rooms, earn new abilities such as adding or removing entrances, earning new bonus cards, and taking extra turns. Keep your eye on the King’s favors to beat out your opponents for public goals, as well as create courtyards and moats around your castle for some massive points to get ahead! The player who sketches the castle most suited to the whims of King Ludwig takes the royal victory!

Game Details
NameBlueprints of Mad King Ludwig (2024)
ComplexityMedium [2.75]
BGG Rank7088 [7.36]
Player Count1-5



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