Books of Time

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Books of Time is simple and fast-playing, and an innovative twist on tableau building and set collection.

The history of humankind has been written down for thousands of years. Our technological achievements, geographical discoveries, and the will to prosper are woven into intricate threads spread throughout books that tell the story of our time on Earth. Now you have the chance to shape this story.

Books of Time (designed by Filip Głowacz) puts a unique and exciting twist on tableau building, allowing you to construct three great books, each with their own sets of special abilities that you can write, thereby creating incredible combinations. The story of a civilization is now truly at your fingertips.

Three types of pages go into player books: trade, science, and industry. During the game, you add pages to these books to create powerful combinations of actions that you can activate. You need to efficiently manage your resources to create the books that will meet your personal objectives and score you the most points.

Game Details
NameBooks of Time (2023)
ComplexityMedium [2.58]
BGG Rank3100 [7.20]
Player Count (Recommended)1-4 (1-3)



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