Call of Kilforth

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Along the southern fringes of Kilforth, the Ancients finalise their insidious plans and send forth the unstoppable gloom. Heroes and villains take to their ships, boasting loyalties to the imperious Blue Drake Navy or the lawless Sea Dogs. And as ill winds blow through the idyllic tropical archipelago, beneath the cerulean waves, great beings stir…

Call of Kilforth (designed by Tristan Hall) is the third Fantasy Quest Game: sequel and stand-alone expansion to Gloom of Kilforth, and Shadows of Kilforth. It is a game of high fantasy with a gothic edge, where 1-4 players, working individually or together, assume the roles of heroes on a journey through a dark world of magic and peril. They will visit strange places, meet stranger people and defeat powerful enemies in their mission to discover mysterious artefacts and mystical spells. Each player follows their hero’s tale, an epic saga from modest beginnings through to a climactic battle that will decide the fate of the world…

Game Details
NameCall of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game (2023)
ComplexityMedium [3.00]
BGG Rank8959 [8.08]
Player Count (Recommended)1-4 (1)



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