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Engage in power struggles and build your crew’s reputation. Salvage and steal to survive and endure a ruthless universe. And above all, do anything you can to get that next job.

The Death in Space RPG takes you to the grimy blue-collar future of a universe filled with risk, but also opportunity. DEATH IN SPACE presents a vision of space where technology is broken and dirty, and society is harsh and desperate. The player characters make up a crew with their own spacecraft or station, and take on the jobs they can find, in order to earn some well-needed bucks and get ahead in the power struggles of the stellar system.

The people making this game are Christian Plogfors and Carl Niblaeus of Stockholm Kartell. With this Kickstarter, we hope to get the funds to print the core book for the game, which should contain everything you need to start playing. We want to continue making material for the game after the game is out, in the form of adventures and other material to use in your game.

The Death in Space RPG has its roots in the OSR scene, and follows similar design principles. In terms of setting and tone, inspiration comes primarily from the gritty science fiction of films like Outland and Prospect, classic westerns and the grimy future of early 80’s science fiction movies.

It is a game about adventure and uncertain journeys out into the darkness of space, it is about you and your crew making a home of your spacecraft or station, in tough competition with everyone else, and most of all, it is about enduring in an abandoned frontier system where your only hope of surviving is to take any contract you can find, sometimes having to put your fate in your enemies’ hands.



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