Diamant (2024 Edition)

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Diamant (designed by Bruno FaiduttiAlan R. Moon) is a clever, fast-paced stop-or-go game that takes you on an incredible adventure. Enter the Tacora cave in search of forgotten treasures, but tread carefully or you could fall into a trap and lose all your diamonds.

Explore the Tacora cave at a cautious pace, by torchlight alone. Each time you advance, discover a new corridor and collect the diamonds you find along the way. Then decide whether you want to return to camp to keep all your treasures safe in your trunk, or continue your expedition into the depths of the cave… at your own risk! Because if you fall into a trap, you’ll rush for the exit, leaving all your finds behind, and return to camp empty-handed… and with trembling legs! Venture far enough into Tacora’s cave to collect as many diamonds as possible. Be smart enough to get back to camp before you’re trapped, or to collect all the diamonds left along the way. Whoever has the most diamonds in their chest at the end of the game is the winner!

The 2024 edition of Diamant has a new design and new material. Rules and gameplay remain the same.

Game Details
NameIncan Gold (2005)
ComplexityLight [1.11]
BGG Rank856 [6.84]
Player Count3-8



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