Dwellings of Eldervale – DELUXE Upgrade Kit

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Now that the Dwellings of Eldervale Standard Edition has been conquered, it’s time for a true challenge with the Deluxe Upgrade! This kit includes plastic miniature monsters that replace the punchboard standees in the standard edition. A perfect addition to try the increased danger in full giant monster miniature glory! Also included are premium wooden resources and deluxe metal coins!

Step up your Dwellings game with the deluxe miniatures, metal coins and wooden resources! Includes:

8 50mm Miniatures that replace standees in Standard (base game)
20 Deluxe Custom Metal Coins
100 Wooden Resources

Game Details
NameDwellings of Eldervale (2020)
ComplexityMedium [3.24]
BGG Rank113 [8.18]
Player Count1-5



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