Field of Glory: The Card Game

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Field of Glory: The Card Game is a quick-playing game for two players inspired by Field of Glory, the miniatures rule system designed by Richard Bodley Scott for ancient and medieval tabletop battles.

The game is split into two parts. You first decide with which units to fight, constructing a deck of 24 unit cards. You then fight a battle across a battlefield made up of five terrain cards; to win the game, you must take control of three of these terrain cards. The army cards represent the main troop types of the period, such as heavy infantry, light cavalry and elephants, each having its own strengths and weaknesses. To be able to play units onto the battlefield, you must discard other cards to pay the movement costs involved, giving you a number of difficult decisions to make.

Field of Glory: The Card Game is of medium complexity and should take 20-30 minutes to play.

Components: 1 rules pamphlet, 49 cards per player (red/blue), 9 terrain cards

Players: 2
Suggested Ages: 14 and up

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