Hogs of War: The Miniatures Game

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Hogs Of War has gone Mini in the Hogs Of War Miniatures Game (designed by Paul D. AllenJames Faulkner).

Command one of four Hogs factions in a conquest of Saustralasia.

Recruit your favourite classes of Hog from the original PS1 title including Snipers, Engineers, Bombardiers, Grunts and more! As well as Tanks, Biplanes and Airships, modified to be as you have built them!

Build an expansive Base to secure your economy. Upgrade your forces to handle new situations, outsmart your opponent or master the terrain!


  • 96 Miniatures in the box, with Airships, Tanks, Armoured Cars, Biplanes and Infantry!
  • A unique RTS-style “Base building” mechanic that uses polyomino Building tiles to add an upgrade system, varied Unit recruitment and more to your faction. There are thousands of Base setups and Building combinations available!
  • A Campaign Book with five core “Mission Modes”, as well as a customisable Co-op / Solo game-mode.
  • Out of the box terrain, including Mountains, Forests, Roads and Rivers- to turn any Battlefield into your own unique creation.
  • Hundreds of tokens, high quality Unit/ Upgrade cards, deployables, custom dice and more!
Game Details
NameHogs of War: The Miniatures Game (2020)
ComplexityMedium Heavy [3.50]
BGG Rank10811 [8.37]
Player Count1-4


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