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The Its obvious board game (designed by Maxime Rambourg) is a game in which you will, as apprentices of telepathy, have to cooperatively — and in secret — select an image card from the centre of the table, which in some way has a connection to the two image cards in front of you, stating “My choice is obvious!”.

You may not give any clues as to which image cards, either in front of you or in the centre, you have chosen. It is necessary to observe and deduce what other players will select, as you do not want to pick the same item as another. Once each player has done so, the links are revealed — if all players have chosen unique images, that round of the game is passed. If any players have chosen the same element, the round is failed. Three rounds of failure out of the total (depends on the player count) will end in a loss for all players.

If you go through all the rounds without failing three times, then all players have won playing the Its obvious board game!

Game Details
NameIt's Obvious (2021)
ComplexityLight [1.25]
BGG Rank14631 [6.35]
Player Count (Recommended)3-6 (4)


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