Labyrinth: The Forever War, 2015-?

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The Labyrinth The Forever War expansion continues where Labyrinth: The Awakening left off and adds new event cards and rules to cover the last five years of history.

Since the publication of Labyrinth and its first expansion, fans of the game have expressed a desire to update it based on more recent events, and a variety of event card ideas and variants have been freely shared online.

This second expansion to the Labyrinth game series fulfils that continuing interest by providing up-to-date event cards and allows the game to continue to serve as an effective strategic level model of the ongoing struggles in the Muslim world.

Game Details
NameLabyrinth: The Forever War, 2015-? (2020)
ComplexityMedium Heavy [3.67]
BGG Rank0 [8.19]
Player Count1-2



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