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In LUNA Capital (designed by Jose Ramón Palacios), the players must optimally manage the elements of the game to build the best possible lunar settlement, and to make it worthy of becoming the capital of the entire off-planet colony. They will have a series of construction cards in a common “market”, and each of the players shall be tied to a number of project tiles. The players take turns drawing cards and the tiles that accompany them, and then place them in their personal playing area. The cards must be laid out in a maximum of three lines and must be placed so that they are always in ascending numerical value. Once the card has been placed, the tiles are then put on the spaces for them on the cards, in an attempt to group together the various projects in the most efficient way possible.

The tiles show what projects are available, all of which are essential for the construction of the city worthy of the term. They include oxygen collectors, greenhouses, residential complexes and (of extreme importance) sales offices to sell apartments with the best views in the galaxy. Each of these categories scores according to how they are arranged within the personal area of each player. Whoever is able to best take advantage of their arrangement and placement shall become the mayor of LUNA Capital.

Game Details
NameLUNA Capital (2021)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.10]
BGG Rank2564 [7.38]
Player Count1-4


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1 review for LUNA Capital

  1. Kevin Mc Gowan (verified owner)

    Possibly a hidden gem this has had daily play since we got it. Players take cards from a market which must be played in numerical order, with each card they take players obtain an associated 1-4 tiles dependent on which round it is, these tiles are placed on played cards in front of the player each of which has 3 or 4 building slots with the aim of grouping the tiles to obtain game end scoring. There are also some in-game goals to achieve which if obtained early enough may preclude your opponents scoring them. The iconography took us a game to get used to but from then on each game has been a very enjoyable puzzle solver, the sporadic placement of pre-printed meteorites and buildings on most of the cards makes for very tight problem solving whilst the variety of goals to achieve keeps play fresh. Player interaction is similar to Castles of Burgundy in that you may be chasing key tiles that your opponents are after with general play being to maximise the potential of your own player area. Highly recommended.

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