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Build the most renowned amusement park of all time in Meeple Land! Buy the most beautiful attractions, offer the best services, and accommodate as many meeples as possible with buses and advertising. Meet the expectations of the meeples, and success will be yours! Do not neglect any of your meeples, however, for the unsatisfied ones will tarnish your reputation…

The Meeple Land board game is an immersive resource management and tile placement strategy game, designed by Cyrille Allard and Frédéric Guerard, and illustrated by Tomasz Larek. Players build their own amusement park by buying rides, offering services, buying advertising, and welcoming as many visitors as possible. How to play:

  • Purchase rides and position them strategically on your plot.
  • Welcome visitors to collect revenue.
  • Win the best reputation based on the variety of rides you have built and your number of visitors in your park.
Game Details
NameMeeple Land (2020)
ComplexityMedium Light [1.91]
BGG Rank1887 [7.22]
Player Count2-4


1 review for Meeple Land

  1. Kevin Mc Gowan (verified owner)

    The theme is creating a funfair with three different sized tiles covering 1, 2 & 4 squares which depict different rides and amenities. On a turn you have a choice either purchase a tile or pass, if you purchase a tile you must immediately place it on your player mat, the larger 2 tiles take specific coloured meeples and if you make a match it provides income at the end of the round and points at the end of the game; the smaller tiles (amenities) are required by some of the larger tiles to add extra meeples and get extra cash. All tiles have paths on them and you must be able to trace a path from your placed tile back to the park entrance. At the end of the round you take a bus tile which will provide a selection of meeples to place in your park (or outside if there is not a ride for them). After 4 rounds you get points for variety of rides and meeples in your park, you get penalised for meeples you cannot place on rides and dead end paths in your park. I rate the game as light-medium. The graphics are excellent and very colourful, each turn you have plenty of choices and decision making to do but it is not intense and therefore a lot of fun. An excellent family game.

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