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As a tight-knit team in Menara, players use pillars and wondrously-shaped temple floors to build a spectacularly soaring structure full of nooks and crannies. Cooperation and static skills are in demand since for each mistake in construction, you have to add another floor to the temple.

A steady hand, an alert mind, and mutual assistance can help you successfully complete what seems to top out at dizzy heights…

Players: 1-4

Suggested Ages: 8 and up

Language(s): English

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1 review for Menara

  1. Geoff Byers

    Menara stands out because it’s a co-op dexterity game. It’s still full of those agonising moments dexterity games produce where you hand over a terrible situation to someone, but this time with the added anguish that they’re on your side. Still delightful, though. Recriminations all round but also produces plenty of laughter. An excellent building game if you want something more constructive (in both senses).

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