Mythic Commander Core Rulebook

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Summon your warriors, lead your forces to victory, and become a MYTHIC COMMANDER!

Mythic Commander is a fast-paced two-player wargame that allows each general to lead an army of warriors, monsters, mages, and siege weapons in a clash of blades, arrows, and magic. Build your army from an array of different choices and test your tactical skill against an opponent on the battlefield. Achieve victory by outwitting your enemy and destroying their forces. Issue orders to control your forces and unleash powerful magics using the game’s Command and Spell Cards. Customise your army by mixing your choice of 7 factions with 6 civilisations, each of which contains different upgrades that alter the abilities of your army’s soldiers on the battlefield. This game comes complete with a double-sided map and army tokens to get you playing right away – you just need some six-sided dice. Mythic Commander is also compatible with any fantasy miniatures you have – bases all the way up to up to 40mm can be used on the maps provided, but any size is possible on your own battlefield by following the guidelines included in the rulebook.

Game Details
NameMythic Commander (2023)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.00]
BGG RankNot Ranked [7.83]
Player Count2


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