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The Oltree board game (designed by Antoine BauzaJohn Grümph) is a cooperative and narrative game. In this game, you play as Patrollers, whose mission is to protect the inhabitants of the ancient empire, explore the wilderness, establish links between communities, hunt down and fight monsters, and find the ancient treasures of the Emperor so that hope may one day be reborn.

A long time ago, the Empire waged a no mercy war against the Sorcerer King, high priest of the Father of Monsters. The Empire won at the price of its unity and finally of its very existence. Imperial peace was followed by dark ages, fragmented estates, endless quarrels, evil cults, ruins and grief.

However, there is one imperial tradition that has not disappeared. From its strongholds and bastions, the Patrol Corps tirelessly continues its ancient mission: to protect the inhabitants of the ancient empire, explore the wilderness, connect communities, fight monsters, and recover the Emperor’s ancient treasures so that hope may one day be reborn. Now it’s your turn to become one of these brave Patrollers! Oltréé!

Each scenario of the Oltree board game offers a rich and unique setting, with its atmosphere, plot, allies and obstacles! Each turn, players are constantly faced with many choices: collecting resources, strengthening your fort, trying to complete the mission order, going to the front communities and adventures in the surrounding areas …

Meanwhile, the pages of the Chronicle gradually turn, revealing new challenges and adventures for the heroes!

Game Details
NameOltréé (2021)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.38]
BGG Rank3610 [7.73]
Player Count2-4


1 review for Oltree

  1. Debbie Brown (verified owner)

    Lovely game. Brisk co-op with a high randomness factor owing to the “incident die” mechanic which varies the problem encountered each player turn. Very high production values. Each of the chronicles may be replayed with different tasks which are essential to prioritise for success in the chronicle finale.

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