Path of Civilization

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In Path of Civilization (designed by Fabien Gridel), from the very first second of the game you must make choices that will have repercussions until the end of the game. The game is played simultaneously and works with a simple card and resource management system. The diversity of its cards guarantees enormous variability.

Take the reins of your civilization, and make choices that will lead to the most prosperity. Research new technologies to improve your nation’s science, military strength, fervor, culture and industrialization. Grow the greatest philosophical current of humanity. Use your followers to become one of its forerunners, and thus decide its evolution. Send your architects and explorers to create wonders from your territory that will outlive all of us. Grow your population so that the most illustrious characters are born from it and change the world forever, even after their death. Develop your military heritage so that the name of your civilization is enough to make your opponents tremble — and if that is not enough, send your army to defeat even the most distant barbarians. Use your philosophers and thinkers to solve the great challenges of humanity that will mark its history.

Game Details
NamePath of Civilization (2023)
ComplexityMedium [2.75]
BGG Rank3159 [7.40]
Player Count1-5



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