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Simple yet tactical, Qawale (designed by Romain FrogerDidier Lenain-Bragard) will rock your idea of strategy games. Lay stones on the path and try to line up four stones in your color.

Qawale is inspired by the tradition of stacking stones along trails and paths in nature. As you drop these stones along your path, this incredible game will transport you to a place where strategy and nature come together.  Each player takes 8 stones in their color. The third color is neutral and is placed in the 4 corners of the board.

On your turn, add a stone on top of any pile and move it. When moving a pile, you must leave a stone on each space you cross.
The first player to get 4 of their stones in a row, looking at the board from above, wins the game.

Game Details
NameQawale (2022)
ComplexityLight [1.22]
BGG Rank4168 [7.03]
Player Count2



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