Tara Wolf in Valley of the Kings

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The Valley of the Kings is a self-contained, 2 player competitive card game set at the end of the 1920´s in Egypt. The time when Lord Caravon and Howard Carter unearthed the true grave of Tutankhamun. Inspired by the rich background of classical pulp action movies, you get to become the explorer of your choice, battling your opponent and the restless Undead. Recruit allies, set traps, take the treasure and become the hero in your own adventure!


94 cards, comprising:
4 adventurer cards
10 papyrus cards
72 excavation cards
7 tomb cards
1 rules summary card
1 ancient medallion token
8 one pound tokens
2 pass tokens
12 page rules booklet 

Players: 2

Suggested Ages: 12 and up

Language(s): English

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