The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance

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The Adventure Zone is a wildly popular podcast and series of graphic novels from The McElroy Family. TAZ Bureau of Balance (designed by Keith BakerJennifer Ellis) captures the humor and joy of this world and expands it, allowing you to create your own unique adventures with your family and friends.

In TAZ Bureau of Balance, you and friends are adventurers charged with retrieving dangerous artifacts from nefarious villains. To succeed, you may have to outwit vile gerblins, armwrestle ogres, or endure the withering criticism of sarcastic specters. Can you work together and overcome all challenges before your health runs out?

TAZ Bureau of Balance is a cooperative storytelling game for 2-5 players. It uses a dynamically generated dungeon created by combining multiple decks of cards; as challenges are overcome, new challenges are revealed. The mechanics are easy to learn and players are encouraged to describe their heroic deeds. No experience is required, and any group of friends can have a hilarious adventure in about an hour!

Game Details
NameThe Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance Game (2020)
ComplexityMedium Light [1.67]
BGG Rank11950 [8.04]
Player Count2-5


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