Terraforming Mars: The Dice Game

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Terraforming Mars: The Dice Game (designed by Jacob Fryxelius), is a card-driven dice game where players use special dice to develop their corporations and terraform Mars into a new home for humanity. The dice represent resources that players spend to play cards and perform other actions. During the game you increase your production of dice, you terraform and place cities and greenery tiles on the board and gain various bonuses. Each turn, you either produce new dice (Production Turn) or perform actions (Action Turn).

Whenever you terraform Mars (raise oxygen or temperature or place an ocean tile), you gain 2 Victory Points (VP). You can also gain VP for placing tiles and playing cards, as well as winning Awards and Milestones.

The game ends when 2 of the 3 global parameters have been completed (oxygen/temperature/ocean). The player with the most VP wins the game.

Game Details
NameTerraforming Mars: The Dice Game (2023)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.36]
BGG Rank1408 [7.35]
Player Count1-4



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