The LOOP: The Fur Brigade

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New furry characters and new Artefacts bringing more diversity in The LOOP (designed by Maxime RambourgThéo Rivière).

Paws in the air! The legendary Fur Brigade is back together again. Play as Catruman the Black, king of the catgicians and Arsène Lupus the were-gentlewolf to go scratch at Dr Foo’s door. And don’t forget the new Artifacts from R&D, with their Voidhole Dimensions and their Charcoal 14 teleporters.

Each of these two brand new characters comes with their own fresh playstyle.

Catruman’s forbidden magical knowledge will let you play with 4 cards in hand instead of 3. How powerful can he grow through building his deck?

Arsène Lupus is the master of Charcoal 14, a new resource that allows agents to teleport directly to an Era containing a piece of it.

Game Details
NameThe LOOP: Fur Brigade (2022)
ComplexityMedium [2.50]
BGG RankNot Ranked [8.37]
Player Count (Recommended)1-4 (3)



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