The Plum Island Horror

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The Plum Island Horror (designed by Hermann Luttmann) is a 1 to 4-player game featuring cooperative play that combines tactical-level unit management with a tower-defense style survival mechanic.

Each player will control one of six unique factions which represent the various groups that populate Plum Island. Each of these Factions has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the system encourages you to optimize for the group’s strengths and marginalize its weaknesses. Players must coordinate with one another, and the resulting synergy will hopefully be enough to successfully evacuate a city under siege and contain the horrific outbreak that threatens to spread beyond the island itself. If the players can succeed, they will win together, and the world will most likely be none the wiser to the averted crisis. If not, they will lose together and share the blame equally for failing humankind.

One Mounted Game Board (22” x 34”)
One Rulebook
One Reference Guide
124 Playing Cards
Six Player Faction Mats
Two NPC/Horror Mutations Faction Mats
Five Player Aids (4 Action Cards, 1 VIP Civilians/ Quick Reference)
One Game Track Sideboard
Two Cloth Bags
Six Custom Combat Dice
70 Murder of Horrors Tiles
39 Cardboard Standees with Plastic Stands
83 Wooden Cubes
210 Cardboard Markers

Game Details
NameThe Plum Island Horror (2023)
ComplexityMedium [3.22]
BGG Rank4328 [8.12]
Player Count1-4



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