Tribes of the Wind

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In Tribes of the Wind (designed by Joachim Thôme) you use the back of your opponent’s cards to play your actions in the best possible way.

In a post-apocalyptic world, the tribes of the wind are going to rebuild the world on the polluted ruins from the past.

Players will have to plant forests, build new villages and temples, and decontaminate surrounding areas.

They will be able to play cards from their hand. But be careful! The effect or even the possibility of playing the card may vary depending on…the back of your surrounding opponents’cards.
Players may also send their wind riders to explore the area, plant forests or build villages and temples using all the gathered ressources.

Along the game, you will manage to complete some objectives that will allow you to unlock your guide’s special abilities, and to improve your tribes’ powers.

When someone builds their 5th village, Tribes of the Wind will be about to end. The player with the most points, depending on pollution, villages, temples, layout of their forests and other various objectives, will be the winner!

Game Details
NameTribes of the Wind (2022)
ComplexityMedium [2.67]
BGG Rank1630 [7.45]
Player Count (Recommended)2-5 (2-4)



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