Unsettled Core Set (incl. Planets 001-002)

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Unsettled (designed by Tom MattsonMarc Neidlinger) is a 2-4 player cooperative survival adventure set in the wondrous and unnerving fringes of uncharted space. There are no enemies and no combat, only an environment where every step, every breath, every particle around you could mean immediate, terrifying, death. Enemies are the least of your concerns.

In these incredible conditions you must complete a series of tasks necessary to your continued survival. Perhaps the water reclamation system on the ship needs repair, or (as usual) food supplies are running low. Before you lies a strange alien landscape – it’s up to you to complete these tasks using…whatever you find out there.

Each time you play you will have a different combination of survival tasks to complete and the things you discover (and their weird properties) will be different as well. So while you always start out knowing what problems you need to solve you have no idea how you’re going to use the world before you to do so (or what the world is going to do to you while you try).

As you explore the environment, encountering wild & unique opportunities along the way, you will work closely with the rest of your crew to achieve your goal of continued existence. The only thing you can be sure of is each other; lose that trust and you’ll lose all hope of survival.

This core set of Unsettled comes with 2 planets, Planet 001-Wenora and Planet 002-Grakkis, which are not available individually. Wenora is a bizarre and wondrous fungal jungle teeming with alien vegetation and gargantuan spore-based lifeforms. Grakkis is a sand-swept desert ruins. What was once a massive planet-wide forest of unfathomably large trees is now that forest’s graveyard – all the trees having long since petrified to a stone-like state.

Game Details
NameUnsettled (2021)
ComplexityMedium [3.26]
BGG Rank676 [8.11]
Player Count (Recommended)2-4 (1-4)



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