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Voidfall (designed by Nigel BuckleDávid Turczi) is a space 4X game that brings the genre to Euro enthusiasts’ tables. It combines the tension, player interaction, and deep empire customization of the 4X genre with the resource management, tight decisions, and minimum-luck gameplay of an economic Euro. Win by pushing back the Voidborn in the solo/coop mode, or by overcoming your rivals’ influence in restoring the Domineum in the competitive mode — both using the same rule set and game system. Variability is ensured not only by multiple playable houses with their own strengths and weaknesses, but also by many different map set-ups for all game modes.

As the leader of a defiant Great House, you play through three cycles, each with a game-altering galactic event, a new scoring condition, and a set number of focus cards that can be played. Focus card decisions and sequencing is the centerpiece of the gameplay. By selecting two of their three impactful actions as you play them, you develop and improve techs; advance on your three house-specific civilization tracks; manage your sectors’ infrastructure, population, and production; and conquer new sectors with up to five different types of space fleets. Space battles are fought either against the Voidborn’s infected forces (which are present as neutral opponents even in the competitive mode) or against other players. Instead of relying on the luck of a die roll, battles in Voidfall are fully deterministic and reward careful preparation and outsmarting your opponents.

IMPORTANT: This is the retail edition without triple-layered space tiles and player boards, miniatures and the game trayz inserts. Gameplay-wise there is no difference between Kickstarter and Retail.

Game Details
NameVoidfall (2023)
ComplexityHeavy [4.61]
BGG Rank204 [8.59]
Player Count1-4



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