Werewolves Big Box (Limited Edition)

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Werewolves is the ultimate game for larger groups of all ages. Slip into the role of one of the Villagers and unmask the Werewolves. Or play a Werewolf and convince the Villagers of your innocence while you go hunting at night. And wherever werewolves are up to mischief, vampires are not far away!

The Werewolves Big Box combines the base game Werewolves and the standalone sequel Night of the Vampires. It also includes the promo cards Watchdog and Stray Cat, so you can play with up to 50 players! The extra-large character cards include a description of the character’s ability, which makes the game more accessible for new players.

The limited first edition features foil character cards, and a box with both a foil effect and a reversible cover. It also comes with a notepad and pencil for the moderator to keep track of all the roles in play. The Werewolves Big Box is a special release for Pegasus Spiele’s 30th company anniversary.

Game Details
NameWerewolves Big Box (2023)
ComplexityLight [0.00]
BGG RankNot Ranked [9.00]
Player Count (Recommended)8-50 (Unset)


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