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A new game, a restock and more coming

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It is a quiet week here at Meeples’ Corner. But today we have received two deliveries, so there is something to write about.

High Rise and the extra bits

The first delivery was of High Rise, the Kickstarter edition of the latest Gil Hova game. The game comes with two expansions, the Fancy Bits and Extra Tenants.


The second delivery was the long-awaited restock of Isle of Cats and the Late Arrival expansion. Both are back, but stock is going fast so please don’t wait too long if you are interested.

But that’s not all, we have also received two updates regarding two further restocks:

  • Gloomhaven: our supplier has told us that the newest reprint will arrive at his warehouse later this week and we should get our stock early next week.
  • Maracaibo: the next print run is on the way to the warehouse in Germany where it is expected to arrive in two weeks. We should get our new stock early July
Maracaibo 1