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Robin Hood and his merry games

Shop News

The Adventures of Robin Hood from Kosmos and Legends of Andor-designer Michael Menzel is one of the eight new games we have already received this week.

The other games new in stock:

  • Citadels Revised – the classic game in a smaller box
  • Almadi (including promo card)
  • Iberian Gauge – game #3 of the Iron Rails series from Capstone Games
  • Pandemic: Hot Zone Europe – the second smaller and shorter game of Pandemic
  • OverDrive – a new arena battle game with miniatures from Mantic Games
  • Profiteers – build factories, influence the American Civil War and make profits in this new card game from Stronghold Games
  • Varuna – the follow up game to the roll-and-write game Demeter
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And that’s not all we are expecting for this week: Alien – Fate of the Nostromo and Free Ride should both arrive before the weekend.

ALIEN Fate of the Nostromo cover artwork