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Leave a game review for the chance to win a gift card

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Some of our customers have started to write short reviews about games they have played lately. In additions to the Boardgamegeek ratings and the Youtube videos I’m adding to the game descriptions whenever possible, this helps other customers to make a better decision when they are buying a game.

To support this and to encourage you, our customers to leave more ratings and reviews, we are starting a monthly gift card draw: Write a short review for a game (at least 50 words) and leave a rating to gain one entry (more than entry possible per month) for the draw at the end of the month. The winner will receive a £25 gift for the Meeples’ Corner website or shop.

The first draw is on Friday, 30th April and will include all reviews/ratings that have been left in April and fulfil the requirement of at least 50 words. New reviews/ratings need to be approve my me before they get published on the website. This doesn’t mean that I won’t accept negative reviews or otherwise sort out review, but I have to make sure that no spam or other silly things get posted on the website.