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Fall releases from dlp Games (Part 1)

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Since the release of Orleans in 2014, dlp Games has become a well-known publisher in Germany. With a focus on complex games, they release a few new games and expansions each year, often debuting at the Spiel convention in Essen.

For this year, they have announced five new games/expansions. The first two are now available to pre-order:

Evenfall (Nanox Games) cover

Evenfall is a card-driven engine-building game with both novel and familiar mechanisms for 1 to 4 players. Manage your resources, execute your actions in an efficient order and discover synergies that generate victory points.

Pirates of Maracaibo (dlp games) cover

Pirates of Maracaibo, the new game by Alexander Pfister, Ryan Hendrickson and Ralph Bienert is an independent, more accessible game in the vein of the classic MARACAIBO. It has a large variety of cards and impresses with its convincing table presence.

Both games will be available in late October and are available to pre-order. Don’t forget: we do pre-orders the Meeples’ Corner way. Place your order now to secure your copy, but pay when the game(s) are in stock!