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Fantasy Realms gets an Expansion

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WizKids has announced The Cursed Hoard, the first expansion for Fantasy Realms.


Fantasy Realms’ designer Bruce Glassco (Betrayal at House on the Hill, Mystery!  Motive for Murder) is adding even more variability to the game with The Cursed Hoard.

The expansion set features two modules which can be added to the base game individually or combined together.  The first module is the “Cursed Items,” which adds a new deck of item cards that offer effects like taking a double turn or hiding discards.  But, each time a player uses an item, it penalizes them with negative points.  The second module introduces three new suits to the game:  Buildings, Outsiders, and Undead.

The Cursed Hoard expansion comes with 47 cards and supports games with 3 to 6 players.

(Source: ICv2 News)

The planned release date for the expansion is January 2021 and we will add it to our pre-orders once we know the details for the UK release.