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Out now: Galileo Project

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Galileo Project is a new board game from French publisher Sorry we are French based in the Ganymede universe.

Thirty years after sending the first colonial ships from Ganymede, humanity decided to launch Project Galileo! Its goal: Settle the four main satellites of Jupiter (Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto) in order to broaden human presence in the solar system. This project is named after the Italian intellectual Galileo, the first to observe these four satellites in the sky in 1610.

In Galileo Project, you play as the same corporations involved in the events of Ganymede and settle the four satellites of Jupiter by acquiring robots from Earth and Mars, recruiting experts, developing technologies, and building superstructures.

(Source: Publisher description)
Galileo Project (Sorry we are French) cover

If you haven’t heard about the game yet, Shut Up & Sit Down featured the game in their last Crunchy Euros preview: