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Holmes – Sherlock gegen Moriarty available

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Holmes – Sherlock gegen Moriarty (Kosmos) is the new edition of the two player game Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft (designed by Diego Ibanez and published by Devir). The game is in stock, but because it is the German edition of the game, we have received a few questions if the game is playable without speaking German.

Holmes Sherlock and Moriarty

A crime has happened! But the evidence is scarce and Scotland Yard is in the dark. Only one can solve the case: Sherlock Holmes. However, in the background, Professor Moriarty pulls the strings and tries to cover tracks and dispose evidence. Thus a duel between the two most brilliant heads of London breaks out. Who will be successful in the end – Holmes or Moriarty?

For the new edition Kosmos has made five changes (listed by Pedro Soto on the BGG forums):

  • Changed the “background” (Mycroft is changed to Moriarty)
  • The “villain cards” are now “Mycroft cards” with the same effect
  • The action of Shinwell’s “Porky” “Jonhson is changed
  • The action of Violet Hunter is changed
  • The game have a new character (a gipsy fortuneteller).

The cards have no text on them, so with the English rules for the first edition and the description of the changes the game is perfectly playable.

Here are the explanations of the two card changes and the new card (again posted by Pedro Soto):

  • Shinwell: Discard 1 card, replace it, buy 1 of the clues in the line for 2 investigation markers.
  • Violet: Take 1 clue from the discard pile for 2 investigation markers.
  • Madame Ziba: (New character). Draw 3 clues from the clue pile. Choose 1 and place it face down in your area. Then give the remaining 2 clues to your opponent, who chooses 1 and plays it face up in his area and puts the remaining card face down under the clue pile.

I hope this helps. Enjoy the game!

Link: English Rules on BGG