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New: Forbidden Sky and The Cousins’ War (2nd Edition)

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A new week brings new games: Finally arrived has Forbidden Sky from Gamewright.

ForbiddenSky Components

From ocean, to desert, and now to the sky, this latest installment takes you to new heights with several novel challenges, including collectively planning a terrain using only limited information, and constructing a real electrical circuit. Forbidden Sky also breaks new ground for us as a publisher, as it’s our first game to include an electronic component.

Next is Dicetopia from All or None Games:


Dicetopia is a quick strategic board game for 2-4 players with a playtime of 20-30 minutes. The game introduces a fresh mix of area control, dice manipulation, worker placement, and secret objectives.

And the third new arrival is the 2nd edition of last year’s UK Games Expo release The Cousins’ War from Surprised Stare Games.


2nd Edition is a new version of The Cousins’ War with larger components. The 2nd Edition contains an optional variant, Times of Change. This variant adds in the cards originally published as the Events expansion to the 1st edition. There is 1 extra card, Jura Belli, in the Times of Change variant over and above the Events expansion.

And last but not least we also received Forum Trajanum back in stock.